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The profound PACS for the whole range of image material in clinics and praxes
New and innovative functions – based on the daily needs of common radiological and cardiological environments


  • Medical image management in a modern, multilingual enterprise PACS with a modern on-demand architecture. Users can independently work in their preferred language.
  • All-in-one solution für images (DICOM + NON-DICOM), graphs (ECG, temperature curves), reports (PDF, DOC), including medical document management (DMS). Optimal performance, provided by one single database for webserver and PACS.
  • A unified interface for all departments (diagnosis, wards, OR, home offices) ensures high acceptance and minimal training efforts.
  • Diagnoses with a few mouse clicks! Optimal workflow support for diagnosing, case reviewing and image distribution.
  • Very efficient use of screen space in portrait as well as landscape format.
  • Unique realtime presentation of radiological and cardiological sequences.
  • Viewing-history – this provides unprecedented communication.
  • Freely configurable patients-, examinations- and demo-lists.
  • Intuitive selection and look-up of multiple patients, examinations or series on one or more monitors with highly customizable hanging protocols.
  • Integrated measuring functions, MPR/MIP/3D, orthopaedics planning
  • Easy-to-use export module for JPG, BMP, AVI and MOV.
  • User access management with VIP security
  • Partitioning for different organizational units (hospitals, medical centers, praxes)
  • Server-based software – less maintenance by one central system.
  • Web-based clients – no software needs to be installed on the client workstations.
  • Hyper.PACS offers full support for the whole range of well-known and renowned IT archiving concepts. We also offer our self-developed system Hyper.ARC.
  • The image distribution can access aged data
  • Hyper.PACS is a medical product in compliance with risc class IIb, certified by VDE and DQS. IHE-conformaty ensures maximum compatibility.

Perfect additions for Hyper.PACS:


  • Hyper.TELEMED: Simultaneous push- and pull telemedicine in one system for consultation and home offices.
  • Hyper.ARC: Audit-proof long term archiving to meet all statuory requirements. Control and data retrieval directly from within Hyper.PACS.

Please feel free to contact us for a free and extensive demonstration of Hyper.PACS!



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