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Qualified consulting and certified software for the healthcare sector since 1997
  • Enterprise-PACS with modern On-Demand-Architecture
  • All-In-One-Solution for picture, graphics, reports, DMS
  • DICOM-Archive Hyper.ARC which meets all requirements of X-ray regulations
  • Our PACS is certified according to MPG risc class II b
  • Integration of all kinds of analog imaging devices with our interface Hyper.LINK
  • IHE compliance ensured by annual participation in the IHE Connect-a-thon
  • Integrative telemedical concepts within our PACS or by separate modules
  • Extensive consulting services forKIS/RIS/PACS projects

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  • Optimize your workflow and increase the efficiency of your processes.
  • Use our products to save precious time and reduce unneccessary costs.

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